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What is a Digital Signature?

Georgia's proposed legislation is based on the Utah Model for Digital Signature which Utah passed in 1995. The Georgia State Auditor estimates a startup price tag of $3,000,000.00 to implement this, as opposed to Washington State's $200K startup price. Digital signature can be based on any encryption algorithm, but is assumed to use the RSA "most favored technology" standard. The law will make digital signature legal and binding. Several states, including Utah, California, Washington, Florida, New Mexico, Oregon, Hawaii, as well as Georgia have passed, or are attempting to pass digital signature legislation.

Georgia wishes to move to the forefront of technology by being one of the first states to recognize Digital Signatures as a method for authenticating documents. The bill will setup "Certification Authorities" that house public keys, who will then go on to charge for keeping and authenticating your public key. The members of the Senate study group may not fully understand that the private sector has already come up with a way to do this without a government law.

Georgia should be applauded for recognizing Digital Signatures as a secure method of authenticating documents. Thousands of Georgians currently use Digital Signatures. This twenty year old technology has been adopted by several states already. Two legislative models exist:

State Legislation on Digital Signature

Where can I find information on Digital Signature issues?

Consumer reaction to Digital Signature

Providers of Digital Signature Software

Comments on the upcoming legislation can be sent to
Senator Jim Tysinger
121 State Capitol
Atlanta, GA 30334
Phone: (404) 656-5068

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