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[ N.B. 19-FEB-2017 This is the old original site for Electronic Frontiers Georgia from the original period of activity 1995-2007. ]

Electronic Frontiers Georgia News

EFGA has been tracking legislation from the new session of the General Assembly. See what bills have been introduced that affect the Internet, ISP regulation, Database Privacy, Fingerprinting on Driver's Licenses, Electronic Signatures, Censorship, privacy and other concerns. Take a look at proposed laws of interest we have identified

  • Contact your Georgia Rep - EFGA is working on a system that will track internet related Georgia Legislation and provide contact info on all Georgia Legislators with their voting records.  Look for this system to appear soon.
  • Georgia Cracker Anonymous Remailer. A remailer will resend email to other addresses and newsgroups leaving no trace of the originating sender, preserving his anonymity. Cracker & the Redneck nymserver process thousands of anonymous emails each day. See the instructions to send anonymous email.
  • Spam Meeting w/EFGA attorneys - "There is no doubt.  The courts have declared email spam illegal." says Pete Wellborn of the law firm Hunton & Williams.  Mr. Wellborn has successfully won several anti-spam cases for ISPs.

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