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[ N.B. 19-FEB-2017 This is the original mailing list page preserved for history, but information below is out of date. For the current mailing list, go here. ]

EFGA Mail List

Electronic Frontiers Georgia runs several email mailing lists. If you are interested in participating in the issues we represent, then you should be on the action mailing list. If you would only like to get occasional information, then choose the announce mailing list. Our mailing lists include:

To join a mailing list, send email to with as message-body:

subscribe listname

To unsubscribe from a mailing list, send email to with as message-body:

unsubscribe listname

Please note that in the above examples, you will need to replace listname with the name of the list you are interested in.

Other Online Info

EFGA has autoresponders that will give you information if you send any message to them.   (These are not working today.  Send specific questions to ) - General information about the group - How to join EFGA

Privacy Policy

In trying to develop a privacy policy, we felt that another group had a good one, so they said it was ok to borrow theirs.   Stanton McCandlish of EFF says

There is an overwhelming perception among mailing list users that mailing lists (other than the 1-way announcement kind) are a private, members-only forum, in which no ones' posts are being archived except by other participants for themselves, unless the charter (most often in the form of that "Welcome to the list!" message you get when you subscribe, though some lists keep charters as separate documents on a web page) explicitly says the list is archived. Likewise, it is generally expected that posts are not redistributed to others, except narrowly to friends or to directly relevant discussion forums if at all publicly, unless the list has an explicit policy that posts may be reposted at will.

Subscribers to our mail list are specifically prohibited from archiving posts for commercial or public use, or for services with functionality similar to DejaVu News

Electronic Frontiers Georgia does NOT sell or rent our mailing lists database, or the names, email addresses, or other information about individual subscribers or members.

EFGA is not associated with EFF. Electronic Frontiers Georgia is a public interest corporation chartered under the Georgia non profit code. Additionally, EFGA is seeking IRS 501(c)3 status.

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