DragonCon 2000: The Electronic Frontier:
Sunday Pictures

"The Electronic Frontier": Where technology, politics, and online culture meet.

Location for all events: Atlanta Hyatt downtown hotel, Hanover rooms F & G

Thurday, June 29, 2000 - Sunday, July 2, 2000
Director: Scott Jones (scott@aprr.org)

Last updated Saturday, July 22, 2000. Thanks to everyone who contributed or came out to the panels. RealAudio, MP3's, and pictures of most panels are available here.

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The Morning After: Hacking 301:
The Morning After: Hacking 301

Hacking 301 again:

Nap time:
Nap time

More Hacking 301:

Scott McClain: yourcompanysucks.com Panel:
Scott McClain: yourcompanysucks.com Panel

Attorney Scott McClain:
Attorney Scott McClain

Scott McClain again:
Scott McClain again

Language, Cyberspace, and the Future Panel:
Language, Cyberspace, and the Future Panel


Frequent audience members (& cute couple):
Frequent audience members (& cute couple)

Dead Dog Party (great chili):
Dead Dog Party (great chili)