HB1630 Comments from Georgia House Members

Mitchell Kaye - District 37 (R-Marietta) Lead opponent of HB1630 (several paragraphs)

Brian Joyce - District 1 (R-Lookout Mountain) Criticizes the bill and the process (several paragraphs)

George Gringley - District 35 (R-Marietta) Describes House Council as 'Netless' (several paragraphs)

Ron Crews, District 78 (R-Tucker), makes the following comments

I believe HB 1630 needs some serious review during the next legislative session. We need input from those in this field to provide expertise in helping us formulate good policy for our state.

Earl Erhart, District 36 (R-Powder Springs), Georgia's Minority Whip comments on HB1630

I voted against the legislation, and I found it to be an unconstitutional abrogation of the right to free speech.

Dan Lakly, dlakly@aol.com, District 105 (R-Peachtree City), makes the following comments

Thank you for your interest in my views concerning this bill [HB1630]. I see no merit in this bill at all. It is just another government intrusion into our freedoms. Simple and to the point.

John Wiles, District 34 (R-Kennesaw), makes the following comments

I was against this bill and fought it on the House floor. As a regular user of the Web, I know that it is a bad law. I will work to repeal it if I am reelected.

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