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2002 Schedule and Audio Tracks

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Spyware panel with Michael McDaniel:
Spyware panel with Michael McDaniel

Internet Freedom of Speech with Lee Tien:
Internet Freedom of Speech with Lee

Freedom of Speech slides:
Freedom of Speech slides

Privacy Rights talk with Jim Butler:
Privacy Rights talk with Jim Butler

Sunday audience:
Sunday audience

Internet Radio in Crisis panel:
Internet Radio in Crisis panel

e-books panel with John Ringo:
e-books panel with John Ringo

Stormtrooper convention:
Stormtrooper convention

Stormtroopers leaving:
Stormtroopers leaving

Wardriving panel with James Dean:
Wardriving panel with James Dean

Wardriving audience through the dish:
Wardriving audience through the dish

Weblog panel:
Weblog panel

Weblog audience:
Weblog audience

Hacker work ethic with Bob:
Hacker work ethic with Bob